Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication (PGJMC)

Updated on 02 Dec, 2011

Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication (PGJMC)

Minimum Duration: 1 Year
Maximum Duration: 4 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 3,500
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


Graduation in any discipline and two-years experience in media/communication organisations in positions such as script writer, reporter, sub editor, photographer, technical Assistant, PRO etc.

The Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication provides opportunities for working media personnel to enhance their knowledge and skills for their professional development


  • To provide opportunities to working journalists to enhance knowledge and upgrade skills;
  • To cater to the manpower needs in the media industry and academics; and
  • To create understanding of media and its impact on society.
CourseCode     Course Name Credits 
 JMC-01  Introduction to Journalism and Mass Communication  8
 JMC-02  Mass Media And Society  8
 JMC-03  Reporting, Writing and Editing  8
 JMC-04  Public Relations  8

List of Audio – Video Programmes


Programme Title Course Code Duration Language

1.New Communication Technology PT.I PGJMC1-3-01VE 25.00 MINS English

2.New Communication Technology PT.II PGJMC1-3-02VE 29.00 MINS English

3.Impact of Mass Media PGJMC1-4-03VE 27.00 MINS English

4.Communication Research PGJMC1-4-04VE 30.00 MINS English

5.Newspaper, Layout & Design PGJMC3-5VE 13.00 MINS English

6.Views on Reporting-Mark Tully PGJMC3-6VE 22.30 MINS English

7.Reporting and Interview Techniques for Radio & television (PGJMC3-7VE) 56.00 MINS English

8. Development Communication-3 Case Studies PGJMC3-8VE 45.00 MINS English

9.Views on Interview Techniqes-Rajiv Mehrotra PGJMC3-9VE 15.30 MINS English

10.Advertising Campaign: The Process PGJMC1-2-10VE 20.00 MINS English

11.Views on Ethics in Advertising By Shunu sen PGJMC1-2-11VE 17.00 MINS English

12.Views on Interview Techniqes-Vinoddua PGJMC3-12VE 15.00 MINS English

13.Concept of Public Relations PGJMC4-13VE 28.30 MINS English

14.Career Opportunities in Public Realtions PGJMC4-14VE 28.30 MINS English

15.Changing Media Scenario PGJMC4-15VE 25.30 MINS English

16.News Paper,Layout & Design- The Principles PGJMC3-16VE 17.10 MINS English

17.Impact of T.V. Violence on Children PGJMC-17VE 13.40 MINS English

18.Indian Broadcast Scenario-Emering Trends PGJMC-18VE 13.18 MINS English

19.Design Message in Advertising PGJMC-19VE 25.34 MINS English

20.Smachar Patraon ka Pratham Prisht Vishleshan PGJMC1-20VH 25.40 MINS Hindi

21.Paramparik Evam Adhunik Sanchar Madhyam PGJMC1-21VH 19.30 MINS Hindi

22.Television ki Duniya PGJMC3-4-22VH 15.17 MINS Hindi

23.Portrayal of Women in Indian TV Serials PGJMC-23VE 24.00 MINS English

24.Mass Media: Perspective and Challenges PGJMC-24VH Hindi

25.Mass Media and Society PGJMC-25VH 22.27 MINS Hindi

26.Photo Editing PGJMC3-26VE 15.24 MINS English

27.Breaking News PGJMC3-27VE 30.00 MINS English

28.Avsar Aur Bhi Hain PGJMC1-028VH 11.37 MINS Hindi

29.Avsar Aur Shiksha Mein Sanchar Madyam PGJMC1-3-29VH 14.30 MINS Hindi

30.Internet: Ek Ubharta Sanchar Madhyam PGJMC1-3-30VH 24.15 MINS Hindi


Programme Title Course Code Duration Language

1.Principles of Journalism PGJMC1-5-02ZE 18.00 MINS English

2.Targeting External Audience PGJMC7-03ZE 19.24 MINS English

3.Press Law PGJMC2-5-01ZE 35.45 MINS English

4.Effectivity of Audio Video in Distance Education PGJMC-04ZE 15.00 MINS English

5.Radio Documentary (Feature) PGJMC3-4-05ZH 25.00 MINS Hindi

6.Kshetrya Patrakarita: Muddey aur Chunouttiya PGJMC1-4-06ZH 14.00 MINS Hindi

7.Badalte parivesh Mein Kshetrya Patrakarita ki Bhumika (PGJMC1-04-07H) 14.00 MINS Hindi

8.Bahartiya Press ki Vikas Yatra PGJMC1-4-08ZH 20.00 MINS Hindi

9.Public Relations: Strategies and Tools PGJMC4-5-09E 20.00 MINS English

10.Relevance of Gender in Media PGJMC 10.00 MINS English

11.Jansampark:Ek Prabhavi Madhayam PGJMC4-10ZH 17.00 MINS Hindi

12.The Role of Press and Development PGJMC2-11ZE 15.14 MINS English

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