Post Graduate Diploma in Gandhi and Peace Studies (PGDGPS)

Updated on 21 Dec, 2016

Post Graduate Diploma in Gandhi and Peace Studies (PGDGPS)

Minimum Duration: 1 Year
Maximum Duration: 3 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 3,500
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


Bachelors degree or a higher degree in any discipline from a recognised University. The programe offered through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode throughout the country both in Hindi and English Medium.



Programme Objectives

  • To impact knowlege particularly young people on the thoughts and ideas of Gandhi on social economic, political, sustainable and environmental issues.
  • To development skills on peace making and peace building.
  • The develop peace methods from the interdisciplinary perspectives.
  • To train the participants in pace making and conflict resolution in real life situations.
  • To enable the Diploma holders to join Media, NGOs, Teaching and Research.

Medium : English

Prog. Coordinator : Prof.D. Gopal
[email protected]
011-29572704/ 011-29535515  

Regional Centres: