Master of Arts in Development Studies (MADVS)

Updated on 05 Nov, 2018

Master of Arts in Development Studies (MADVS)

Minimum Duration: 2 Years
Maximum Duration: 5 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 10,800
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


Graduation in any discipline

MADVS programme has been designed to impart quality education and training in the area of development studies. Proper planning and management of development programmes and projects hold the key for the planners and policy makers today. The criticality of the development problems has not been properly understood due to less emphasis on development issues in the academic curriculum at the graduation and post-graduation levels. Therefore, MADVS programme will be useful for the development professionals across the sectors and also to fresh graduates interested in pursuing carrier as development professionals i.e. it is for both in-service and pre-service persons.


  • To impart knowledge on various aspects of development studies.
  • To train qualified human resources in the professional area of development studies.
  • To develop professional skills in formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development projects and programmes.

Who Can Take Admission?

  • Fresh graduates seeking career as development professionals.
  • Development functionaries like village, mandal, block, municipal and district development officials.
  • Civil servants of state and central Governments.
  • Employees of the development institutes, research organizations, NGOs and corporate social responsibility divisions.

About Cources:

  • Choose any 36 credits
  • * Project work is equivalent to 2 courses or 12 credits
  • See Programme Guide for course contents


First Year

CourseCode     Course Name Credits 
 MEDSE-014  Gender and Development  6
 MDV-101  Introduction to Development and Development Theories  6
 MDV-102  Dynamics of Development  6
 MDV-103  Issues and Challenges of Development  6
 MDV-106  Research Methodology in Development Studies  6
 MDV-109  Development in India- An Overview  6
 MDV-004  Gender and Development-  6

Second Year

CourseCode     Course Name Credits 
 MRD-101  Rural Development - Indian Context  6
 MEDS- 041  Introduction to Urban Development  6
 MEDS- 042  Issues and Challenges in Urban Planning and Development  6
 MDV-105  Development Planning and Management  6
 MDV-108  Development Communication and Extension  6
 MDV-110  Training and Development  6
 MDV-111  Local Self Governance and Development  6
 MDV-115  Health and Development  6
 MDVP-117  Project Work  12
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