Master of Arts (Economics) (MEC)

Updated on 13 Sep, 2010

Master of Arts (Economics) (MEC)

Minimum Duration: 2 Years
Maximum Duration: 5 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 12,000
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


Bachelors degree or a higher degree in any discipline from a recognised university

The MA (Economics) Programme offers the learners an opportunity for higher studies in Economics. Besides offering the core courses available in other universities, it includes themes in some of the emerging areas in economics such as insurance, finance and computer applications that are expected to be extremely useful in the present scenario of economic liberalisation and globalisation.

First Year

CourseCode     Course Name Credits 
 MEC-001  Micro Economic Analysis  6
 MEC-002  Macro Economic Analysis  6
 MEC-003  Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis  6
 MEC-004  Economics of Growth and Development  6
 MEC-005  Indian Economic Policy  6

Second Year

CourseCode     Course Name Credits 
 MEC-006  Public Economics  6
 MEC-007  International Trade and Finance  6
 MEC-008  Economics of Social Sector and Environment  6
 MEC -009  Research Methods in Economics  6
 MECP-001  Project Work - MECP-001  6
 MECE-001  Econometric Methods  6
 MECE-003  Actuarial Economics: Theory and Practice  6
 MECE-004  Financial Institutions and Markets  6
 MECE-002  Computer Applications in Economic Analysis  6


The evaluation consists of two parts in theory course: I) continuous evaluation through assignments, and ii) Term End Examination (TEE). In the final result all the assignments of a course carry thirty percent weightage while seventy percent weightage is given for TEE. For the course MECP-001: Project Report, which requires submission of a project report, there are no continuous evaluation and TEE. Evaluation for MECP-001 is on the basis of Project Report and viva-voce examination on the project report submitted.

Evaluation in MA (Economics) will be done under numerical marking scheme. The following is the scheme of awarding divisions:

I Division - Sixty percent and above

II Division - Fifty percent to fifty nine point nine percent

Pass - Fourty percent to fourty nine point nine percent

Unsuccessful - Below fourty per cent

In order to complete a course successfully you are required to score at least 40 per cent marks in continuous evaluation (assignments) and at least fourty percent in TEE. Overall score in a course is the total of the scores in assignment and TEE. The division with which you pass the MA (Economics) programme is decided on the basis of combined percentage of marks obtained in all the courses.

Students can take TEE for first year courses after completion of study of one year for the concerned courses. For example, students enrolled in July 2008 can take their TEE for first year courses in June 2009 or thereafter. Similarly, TEE for second year courses can be taken only after completion of one year of study in the second year. In case a student fails to qualify in a course s/he is allowed to take that course in any of the subsequent TEEs. Students have to successfully complete all the courses within 5 years of registration.


Assignments constitute the continuous evaluation. Submission of assignments is compulsory. The marks that you get in your assignments will be counted in your final result. As assignments carry thirty percent weightage in your final score in the course you are advised to take your assignments seriously. A simple omission on your part may cause loss to you and inconvenience at all levels in the University.

The main purpose of assignments is to test your comprehension of the learning materials you receive from us and also to help you get through the courses. The evaluators/counsellors will sent back the evaluated assignments with their comments. Do not forget to get back your evaluated TMAs along with a copy of the assessment sheet containing comments of the evaluator on your performance. The comments will surely guide you in your study and help in improving your comprehension.

The print materials should be sufficient for answering the assignments. At postgraduate level it is expected that you will consult other prescribed book also. You need not however worry too much about the non-availability of extra reading materials for working on the assignments. The assignments are designed in such a way as to help you concentrate mainly on the print materials and your analytical capabilities.

Term End Examinations

The University conducts Term End Examination (TEE) twice a year in the months of June and December. Students will be permitted to appear in TEE subject to the condition that registration for the courses in which they wish appear is valid. Maximum time to pursue the programme is not elapsed and they have submitted the required number of assignment(s) in those courses by the due date. 

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