MA in Translation Studies (MATS)

Updated on 06 Jan, 2015

MA in Translation Studies (MATS)

Minimum Duration: 2 Years
Maximum Duration: 5 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 9,000
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


Graduate in any discipline with adequate knowledge of Hindi and English.

Medium of Instruction
: Hindi  

Fee Structure
: Total fee is 9000 : First year Rs. 4600 (includes Rs. 100 Registration Fee) , Second Year Rs. 4500
The MATS programme intends to familiarize the learners with the theory and practices of translation. It is built around the concept of integrating teaching, learning and research in the vast areas of translation practices in the contemporary time. The programme provides opportunity for translators to explore job opportunities as academics and translators by honing their translation skills. As a fundamental act of cultural and knowledge exchange, it has become a key issue for accessing and managing knowledge as its various aspects: Acquisition, Preservations, Creation, Dissemination and Application among others. It underscores the importance of Translation Training as vital for knowledge dissemination in the global world.  This programme consists of 12 courses and a major project comprising practical component. 
The programme is offered in both January and July cycle of admission from January 2015. 
Programme Coordinators: Dr. R.P. Pandey  011-29571628   [email protected]  and  Dr. Jagdish Sharma  011-29571625  [email protected]

First Month

CourseCode     Course Name Credits 
 MTT-010  Anuvad Siddhant  4
 MTT-011  Anuvad Ki Parampara aur Itihas  4
 MTT-012  Anuvad aur Bhashavigyan  4
 MTT-013  Anuvad ke Kshetra  4
 MTT-014  Anuvad aur Bhartiya Bhashayen  4
 MTT-015  Anuvad aur Sahitya  4
 MTT-016  Anuvad aur Jansanchar  4
 MTT-017  Koshvigyan, Takniki Shabdavali aur Anuvad  4

Second Month

CourseCode     Course Name Credits 
 MTT-018  Anuvad aur Antarsanskritik Adhyayan  4
 MTT-019  Anuvad ki Rajniti  4
 MTT-020  Anuvad Prakriya  4
 MTT-021  Anuvad Prakshishan  4
 MTT-022  Pariyojana (Pariyojana Karya aur Maukhiki)  16
The main aim of the programme is to enable students acquire skills in translation
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