Certificate Programme in Functional English (Basic level) (CFE)

Updated on 02 Dec, 2011

Certificate Programme in Functional English (Basic level) (CFE)

Minimum Duration: 6 Months
Maximum Duration: 2 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 2,500
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


10+2 with preferably six (6) years of English at the school level.

This Programme seeks to enhance the english proficiency of the students to help them communicate with confidence and fluency on a range of issues that concern their daily lives. It will help the students to:

  • Improve the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Gain awareness of certain grammatical structures so that the students can paraphrase and edit their language.
  •  Practice the various skills through appropriate texts and activity types.
  •  Manage daily interactions such as greetings, introductions, shopping and traveling and so on.
  •  Apply to universities and communicate on campus and in their student life.
  •  Communicate effectively at the work place where they may need to attend meetings,  participate in discussions, write letters/ e-mails and prepare effective Curriculum Vitae 
CourseCode     Course Name Credits 
 BEG-004  English in Daily Life  4
 BEG-005  English in Education  4
 BEG-006  Joining the Workforce  4
EVALUATION: The evaluation consists of two parts: 1) continuous evaluation through assignments, and 2) term-end examination.  In the final result all the assignments of a course carry thirty percent weightage while seventy percent weightage is given to term-end examination.  You will have to complete three assignments for this programme, one for each course.
You are required to score at least thirty-five percent marks in both continuous evaluation (assignments) as well as term-end examinations separately.  In the overall computation also you must get at least same percentage in each course to claim the Certificate Programme in Functional English (basic level).
Assignments constitute the continuous evaluation system.  The submission of assignments is compulsory. Assignments of a course carry thirty percent weightage while seventy percent weightage is given to the term-end examinations. 
You will not be allowed to appear for the term-end examination for a course if you do not submit the specified number of assignments on time, i.e for the December term-end examination, the last date of submission is 30th September and for the June term-end examination, the last date of submission is 31st March.
The evaluators/counselors after correcting the assignments send them back to you with their comments and marks. The comments guide you in your study and help in improving it. The assignments are designed in such a way so as to help you concentrate mainly on the printed course materials and exploit your personal experience.
All assignments are Tutor-Marked Assignments (TMA). For each CFE course there is one assignment that you must attempt. Whenever you receive a set of material and assignments, check them immediately and ask for missing pages, if any, from Material Production and Distribution Division, (IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi – 110 068) or the Coordinator of your study centre.
The University/Coordinator of the Study Centre has the right not to entertain or to reject the assignments submitted after the due date.  You are, therefore, advised to submit the assignments before the due date.
For your own record, retain a copy of all the assignment responses, which you submit to the Coordinator. Also maintain an account of the corrected assignment responses received by you after evaluation.  This will help you to represent your case to the University in case any problem arises.
If you do not get a passing grade in any assignment, you have to submit it again.  However, once you get the pass grade in an assignment, you cannot re-submit it for improvement of grade.
The primary component of the evaluation in CFE is the term-end examination.  For each Course, a student will have to obtain at least a D grade. The overall average should be at least D grade for the successful completion of a programme. The letter grade system used for terminal examination is explained below under section Term End Evaluation.
If a student fails to clear all the subjects in his/her first attempt, s/he can clear them in the subsequent examinations.  The term-end examination in CFE will comprise three papers, i.e, one paper each for the three courses in CFE.  The duration of each paper is three hours.  Each paper in CFE carries hundred marks.
The evaluation of the performance of the students in the term end examination will be based on both marks and grading system.

Corresponding percentage in numerical marks
Very good
70% and above
55% and above but less than 70%
45% and above but less than 55%
35% and above but less than 45%
below 35%
Term End Examinations will be conducted twice a year in June and in December.
Course Coordinator-CFE
Professor Anju S Gupta
Regional Centres: