Certificate In Performing Arts -Theatre Arts (CPATHA)

Updated on 20 Jun, 2018

Certificate In Performing Arts -Theatre Arts (CPATHA)

Minimum Duration: 6 Months
Maximum Duration: 2 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 4,000
Minimum Age: 15 Years
Maximum Age: No bar


10th Pass

Theatre as an art form is a part of world heritage. It has a well-documented history which can be traced back thousands of years. Studying theatre is almost studying the history of the cultural heritage of the world.

Theatre deals with human relations as existed in a particular age and mirrors it through the art form. So to know about theatre is to know about the traditions, customs, manners and behavioural patterns.

As an art form, theatre evokes finer sensibilities among human beings. Its major concern is to discuss human relationship in extremely sensitive movements; no other art form portrays human concerns so delicately yet so strongly. Theatre can be studied as an experience, viewed as an entertainment and performed as an instinct of human behaviour.

The Certificate Course in Theatre Arts aims to provide basic introduction to the art of theatre to the learners. This course offers both theoretical and practical inputs to the students.

CourseCode     Course Name Credits 
 OVA-001  Indian Culture Heritage  2
 OVA-002  Understanding India Art Forms  2
 OTH-001  An Introduction to Theatre & Drama  2
 OTHL-002  Voice & Speech  3
 OTHL-003    Physical Aspects of Acting  3
 OTHL-004  Method Acting — Stanislavsky  4



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