Certificate in Integrated Pest Management Technology in Potato Cultivation (CIPMT)

Updated on 25 Jul, 2014

Certificate in Integrated Pest Management Technology in Potato Cultivation (CIPMT)

Minimum Duration: 3 Months
Maximum Duration: 3 Months
Course Fee: Rs. 600
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


It is a Non credit programme developed in collabration with IGNOU Regional Centre ,Kolkata (West Bengal). Currently, the programme is available only for West Bengal Farmers.

Focus of the Programme:

  • Commercialization of Potato cultivation with exclusively market driven inputs like fertilizers, pesticides etc. in an exorbitant levels is now the common farmers’ practice.
  • IPM i.e. a combined approach wherein biological, chemical, cultural, physical and genetic manipulation techniques may be effectively utilized in sustenance of productivity of potato.
  • IPM Technology in potato cultivation is need of the day for the potato growers.
  • Providing in depth knowledge & skills.
  • On different areas of pest management, pest surveillance and out break forecasting.
CourseCode     Course Name Credits 
 IMPT 001  Potato Cultivation  
 IMPT 002  Crop Protection  
 IMPT 003  Practical on Insect Pest Management  
 IMPT 004  Practical on Disease Management  

Target Group:

This programme is open to all class: VIII passed out progressive farmers, actively engaged in potato cultivation, seed potato tuber growers, field level supervisors of state department of agriculture, NGO and cold storage personells, Agri-business managers.

Objective of the Programme:

  1. To make awarness about the difference between exclusive chemical based technology and IPM technology to all concerned of potato crop.
  2. To equip the rural educated youth about the knowledge, skill and benefits of IPM technology in potato.
  3. To develop entrepreneurship in various components of IPM like bio-pesticide, Pheromone traps and biological pesticides etc.
  4. To create technical consultant among the enlighten farmers to disseminate IPM technology in a faster way.
  5. Production Technology in Potato.
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