Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)

Updated on 09 Jul, 2014

Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)

Minimum Duration: 6 Months
Maximum Duration: 2 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 4,000
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


10th Standard OR SSC OR IGNOU'S BPP or Microsoft's DLC or equivalent

This programme aims to introduce the concepts of Hardware, Software, Multimedia and Internet technologies. Also, included is a laboratory course where the student gets hands on experience.

The following are the objectives of CIT:

Impart the basics of Computer hardware and software

  • Development of algorithms and flowcharts for problem solving
  • Introduce programming concepts
  • Introduce various aspects of Computer communication
  • Introduce the concept of Networking
  • Introduce the software concerns and software vulnerabilities
  • Introduce social, legal and ethical aspects of IT
  • Discuss the role of IT in various fields like: such as Business, Governance, Education and Medicine
  • Introduce the concept of Information System
  • Discuss latest trends in IT
  • Discuss the basic principles of Internet
  • Process of searching for information on Internet
  • Introduce various applications of Internet
  • Discuss the aspects associated with the design of a web page
  • Introduce the concept of Multimedia
  • Process of working with MS-Windows and Linux
  • Development and execution of programs using C language
  • Introduce word processing
  • Creation of databases
  • Create Web Pages
CourseCode     Course Name Credits 
 CIT-001  Fundamentals of Computer Systems  4
 CIT-002  Introduction to Information Technology  4
 CIT-003  Web based Technologies and Multimedia Applications  4
 CITL-001  Laboratory Course  6



(1) A student of CIT needs to secure atleast 40% marks in continuous assessment (assignment) and term end examination separately in a course to be declared successful in that particular course. This requirement is applicable for all the courses of CIT.


(2) Evaluation pattern for CIT-001, CIT-002 and CIT-003 courses only


Term End Examination: Max. Marks fifty (Weightage: seventy-five percent


Duration of Term End Examination : 2 hours Pattern of Term End Examination: 10 Objective Type questions (10 X 1 mark) 2 Short Answer Type Question (2 X 5 marks) 3 out of 4 Questions (3 X 10 marks)


 Assignment: Max. Marks 25


(3) Evaluation pattern for CITL-001 course only Term End Practical Examination : Max Marks 20 (Weightage : seventy-five percent) Duration : 3 hours Pattern of Term End Practical Examination : 2 Questions. The first Question will cover the areas under Lab Manual-1 and the second question will cover areas under Lab Manual-2. Assignment : Max. Marks 25


A student needs to attend atleast twelve  out of eighteen practical counselling sessions (each session is of 3 hours duration) to become eligible to appear for Term End Practical Examination in CITL-001. Attendance is not compulsory for Theory Counselling Sessions. (4) In order to be able to appear for Term End Examination (Theory and Practical), it is required that the student submit all assignments according to the prescribed schedule.


All Students are required to give an undertaking to this effect, and should it be later found that they had in fact not submitted the assignments as prescribed, the results of the Term End Examination (Theory and Practical) may be withheld/cancelled.


Depending on the percentage of marks secured by a candidate who has passed, the divisions will be awarded as follows: First Division with Distinction seventy-five percent and above.


A First Division sixty percent or more but less thanseventy-five percent 


B Second Division fifty percent or more but less than sixty percent


C Third Division fourty percent or more but less than fifty percent


 D The University has adopted, a letter grading system on a five-point scale for reporting the students' performance in a programme.


The letter grades and their qualitative levels are as under: Letter Grade Qualitative Level Point Grade percent of Raw Marks


A Excellent 5 seventy-five percent and above


B Very Good 4 sixty precent  or more but less than seventy-five percent 


C Good 3 fifty percent or more but less than sixty percent


D Satisfactory 2 fourty percent or more but less than fifty percent


 E Unsatisfactory 1 Below forty percent 




The main purpose of assignments is to test student's comprehension of the learning materials they receive from the University and also to help them better comprehend the courses by providing feedback to them.


The information given in the printed course materials should be sufficient for answering the assignments. The students should not worry about the non-availability of extra reading material for working on the assignments. However, if they have easy access to other books, they may make use of them.


But the Assignments are designed in such a way as to help them concentrate mainly on the printed course material and exploit their personal experience. The students are arquired to submit their assignments to the co-ordinator of their study centre.


Medium of Instruction: English


E-mail Address/ Telephone No: [email protected]+91-011-29572902, 011-29533436


Regional Centres: